Thursday, 10 March 2016

Week of March 10th

This week I redesigned the posters to have an earlier time and sold 3 tickets. I also created a facebook page for Bathway Theatre and event for the St Patrick's Day Ceili. I shared these on the Bathway facebook group and the UoG Freshers facebook page as well as my personal timeline.
I also resized the poster to create handbills which I placed in all of the Daniel Defoe mailboxes, in the stand of leaflets and pamphlets at reception, and on tables in the student lounge.
In the upcoming week I need to make sure everything is prepared for the party and continue publicising it to encourage more people to buy tickets.

Weeks of February 25th and 3rd March

This week I organised the details for the Irish-themed fundraising party we plan to have on St Patrick's Day. After a general agreement that we should hold a Ceili dance from the Ripen Our Darkness, Blood Wedding and Bradley Manning production meetings, I researched the prices of different Ceili callers in the local area. Most agencies charged £300+ for a caller, which was not ideal. I found, who were happy to provide a caller for £250.
I also created the St Patrick's Day Ceili as an event on Eventbrite. We are planning to do this for the plays in BfesT as well, in order to allow people to buy tickets online.
In order to make it possible for people to buy tickets online, I also had to start a bank account. I started a Current Account with Santander. If anyone buys a ticket using Eventbrite, the money will be paid to the Current account and I will withdraw it and give it to Dave.
This is why it took so long to make the Eventbrite event, as it was very difficult to get the bank account sorted and set up an appointment.
I also asked Mandy to help by selling tickets at the door to Bathway Theatre. With the aid of my mother and sister who are competent graphic designers, I created a design for the Ceili posters and tickets. On the following Tuesday, I printed the tickets and several posters. I put the posters up in Daniel Defoe Hall and asked Sophie Mahy to put some up in Cutty Sark Hall.

Week 3

This week I researched the possibility of on-line ticket sales in more detail, realising that Eventbrite charges a fee. Despite this, after looking into alternatives Eventbrite still seemed like the best solution for buying tickets on-line. I also worked on designing preliminary posters for the Save The Date poster design and the proposed costume party and Silly Games Night with help from my mother and sister, who have experience in Graphic Design. In the Marketing meeting, we developed ideas for naming the festival. It was decided in Week 4 that we should call it "BfesT", with the initials "B" and "T" capitalised to show the link to Bathway Theatre.

Week 2

This week we had our first Marketing Meeting.
In this meeting many points were raised and we set out a timeline for further activities.
We developed our Marketing plan to include different forms of social media, including Snapchat, twitter and facebook. We decided that we would hold two fundraising events, probably in the form of parties.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Week 1

Hello, all! This is my blog about Week 1 of working Box Office for the Third Year plays.
The three plays are The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning, Ripen our Darkness, and Blood Wedding.
I have started looking at different options for selling tickets.
One of the options I am exploring is the possibility of using the website EventBrite to sell tickets through the Bathway website. The EventBrite "Event creator" allows users to create a seating chart for reserved seating, or simply state how many tickets are available for non-reserved seating. This option would make it possible for a wider range of people to buy tickets, and allow members of the public to buy tickets without venturing to the Bathway site to visit a physical Box Office. I feel that this would increase interest, particurlarly among the student body of the University of Greenwich. Members of the Creative Writing and English departments, many of whom are encouraged to see plays alongside their course, might be interested if they only had to venture to Woolwich for the play itself and not to buy tickets beforehand.
Another item which was discussed in the Production Meetings on Thursday 21st January was the option of creating ticket deals, including ideas such as purchasing a Burger with your ticket for a certain price which would be less than what the burger and ticket would cost if purchased separately. This would create certain difficulties relating to heating or storing food on site, but would be an extra attraction for guests .
Although it was decided that this was for the attention of Marketing, I note it here because it seems to me that anything relating to ticket sales should also be dealt with by Box Office, and as I am to design the tickets, I would surely need to design different ones for each deal to denote who had purchased food and who had not.
I am not yet certain if it is possible to add food deals to tickets purchased on EventBrite. I will investigate that further after speaking with Dave about whether EventBrite is a viable option to expand the Bathway Box Office.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Political Speech

I have chosen to learn John F. Kennedy's famous "Man on the moon" speech. The text, as taken from, is as follows: